Monday, February 23, 2015

Pink Spike Collar (WOOOOO!) and Happy Birthday 656!!!

Hey, jamalamadingdongs! Singingsuperstar here bringing you some awesome news from the supercool land of 'Jamaa'. Today two superspecial things happened, one just happens to be more superspecial than the other thing: it's 656's birthday (alex656)!!! We really hope you'll join the celebration with us and jamgram him a nice b-day card (NO GIFT) it'll really brighten his day, especially after the epic drama that happened yesterday.

Ok, so, also, I finally got meself a rare pink spike collar (short)! It's not that epic of an accomplishment but it's still one to be proud of, what with flower crowns being beta now. Wassup with that?! I used to buy them and recycle them all the time, wondering whether my style would be Miss Pinkalicious or Daringly Chic! Usually I chose Daringly Chic, because otherwise people would start to doubt that I was who I said I was and I had the rares I said I did, but, now that I got a pink Spike, it's no longer a problem! Here's a vid on my pinkspikedness:

So. About yesterday's epic drama.......
Alex656 and I walk into Jamaa township. He has recently gotten a blue spiked wristband for a beta eyeball hat and is very proud of himself. All of the sudden, this crazy wolf chick runs up and yells "Trade back plz?!". I tell 656 to say yes to trade back, but, of course, he says no. She-wolf goes beserk and whines that she's crying on her keyboard. (Sorry if this seems mean but- crying over a virtual wristband that you can't even use because your nonmem? That's a bit pathetic) 656 suddenly realizes that he should return the spike, but just as he's getting ready to say yes to trade back she goes "REPORT ALEX656, HE SCALE!" All of the sudden, the entirety of Jamaa Township jumps the poor kid like a large extremely angry group of rabid bunnies, and alex656 gets reported by TENS of jammers for doing nothing but accept a trade. I'm pretty fed up by this point, and I turn into my twinsie eagle that matches his and fly up into the sky like: "IF YOUR GOING TO REPORT HIM, REPORT ME TOO, BECAUSE IF HE'S SCALE WE'RE ALL SCALE!" (scale means scam, AJHQ won't let you say scam) So I'm reported a lot too! Like, who does that? Then I start fighting with this chick, Kittyraven, because she's only got half of the story. After we exchange a few choice words and she realizes it's just a mindboggling misunderstanding, then we're all why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends and buddy each other like all chill people should. Then, 656 and I yell some more at the rest of Jamaa for believing a stupid rumor, Alex656 says he would've traded back but chose not to because she made up a story about him (sending "I'M SORRY"s and tears pouring from the she-wolf's ears) and we promptly leave.
So yeah.
The moral of this story is don't believe anything without getting the entire story!
Ta-ta for now!

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