Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Uptown Funk, Such Anger, and Quotes

Hey, jamalamadingdongs! Today while trying to do a small store in my den, two chicks got superangry at me for not accepting their trades. They claimed they were fair, even though they were NOT. Some people just rupture my brain. Here's a pic of one of these jammers refusing to leave my den after I asked her politely ten times. I'm truly sorry to say she got up to the point where I reported her and locked my den. It will stay that way for the rest of the day, but will be unlocked ASAP tomorrow.
So, yeah.
That's all that's really happened today so far, other than Alex656 and I deciding what song will be the used for our FIRST AJMV together (I made one of Dark Horse and another of Pompeii last year). It will be Uptown Funk! If you don't know that song, watch the video below (clean version) 

So, yeah!
I've also decided to end my posts with a quote, will be changed at least once a week or more often depending on how I'm feeling that week.
Have a great day, jam on, and don't forget how important you are!

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