Sunday, March 1, 2015

Nice fail, Rileyrooo!

Why do so many people hate me? It's not like I ever did anything to them. Just for some reason because I won't give them everything they want they make a big deal about it and blow up in my face. Fine. If you were only my friend to get my stuff, then really, I'm not going to care if I lost you as a buddy. It's that easy. That's happened to me 10 TIMES this week, so if you're buddying me just to get my stuff, get away from my nametag right now and walk your butt on out of here because I've got a blog and an OK fanbase and I'm NOT afraid to use it!
Today, someone I didn't even know was on my buddy list (Rileyrooo) decided it was a good idea to try and get my elf tail armor.
Not happening.
After I told her no and that it wasn't even for trade she goes "Your mean I'm going to report you." So I go: "Get out of my den."
Then, she proceeds to say: "Wow, bossest person ever"
Sorry, but that's a compliment, smart one!
But, I was pretty sure she meant bossiest. That was super clever. Especially since she was threatening me and it was my den and all. Just, wow.
So, yeah.
How immature, right?
It's really kind of pathetic to threaten people if they don't freely give you a virtual rare on a virtual game. I could tell she was getting grumpy with me and the well had run dry in her brain, so I followed her upstairs where she tried to further anger me by jumping on the bed.
Yes. Not kidding.
Just, wow.
If you're going to pick a fight at least make sure you have a better comeback than "Jumps on bed".
You don't need to report Rileyrooo, but beware if you see her. She's a little different.
That's all for now jammers! What an exciting day so far! And to think I haven't even been on 2 hrs yet!

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