Saturday, March 7, 2015


So sorry I haven't been posting, guys! I've been super wrapped up in school, AJ, trading, Transformice, and posting on the Animal Jam Atlas that I've hardly had any time for my own blog. I'll start posting more- I promise.
Currently I'm trying to customize the font on this website to something more enjoyable to read and not so SQUARISH (seriously, It's annoying me) so don't freak when the changes are made.
Recently I've been noticing a glitch in the adventure base camp- about 50% of the time when I enter the language of the game is reverted to spanish...  I think it's a solution to get into Aldan when the server's full- placing you in a different country's browser. Weird....
So, yeah.
Also, Cool12325 has been being a real jerk to me ever since I de-friended her because she only wanted my friendship for a spike! Like- seriously? Now I've deleted about half my buddies (sorry if you were one of them- if I didn't talk to you often I de-friended you) and my buddy list will be increacingly hard to get on. Buddy requests will remain ON, but it is not likely they will be accepted. **Thank you, cool12325**
That was sarcasam.
The part with the ** around it anyway!
So, yeah.
That's pretty much all for now, other than I got a Snow Leopard!
Sorry, that's my favorite movie.
Anyways, jam on guys! As always, have a wonderful, jam-tabulous day!!

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